Carmen García Pérez

Attorney, Consultant, and economist in Murcia, España

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Hi! I’m Carmen, a Spanish lawyer and economist from Murcia (southern Spain). My interests are related to public issues and I have dedicated the past years to develop them academically and professionally. Public sector, human rights, local government, third sector, housing, local economy, public policies…

I studied Economics and Law at University Carlos III (Madrid). I loved those years in Madrid. Despite not being crazy at that moment about Economics and Law, now I really appreciate the significant range of fields in which now I can develop myself.

My experience as a lawyer, economist and consultant is connected to the public sector. I'm a partner at ACAL, where I work with many municipalities, dealing with public officers and defending public interests in court. I also work as a lawyer for a Social Services Centre where I have the opportunity to interact directly with people affected with an important variety of problems related to social exclusion.

I am deeply committed to social causes and the defence of Human Rights. This is the main reason why I collaborated as a volunteer lawyer with PAH for more than 3 years. This organization works to stop evictions and does important campaigns for housing rights in Spain.

Both the Social Services Centre and PAH were extraordinary opportunities to put me face-to-face with realities I didn’t know so well.

Last years I completed my Master in NGO and Social Services Management in Ramón Llull University (Barcelona). Now I am a PhD candidate at UNED (public management, public finance and welfare state).

Also, I've published a book about Universal Basic Income (UBI). Poverty is expensive. More expensive than the cost of providing people a minimun income to live with dignity. I believe that UBI is an essential tool to rethink the welfare state. New solutions are needed to confront the challenges that the collapse of capitalism is creating. Are you interested? Click above to buy it!

¿Do you want to know a bit more? I love summer workcamps and meeting new people from all over the world. I have also spent long periods in Italy. Summer babysitting when I was a teen, Erasmus and first (serious) work experience in Milan.

You can read me in this blog and you can find my last research here.

Curious. Easy-going and generous. A bit stubborn. Fun. Hard-working and self-motivated. Very legal.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below or email me! :)

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